Young Champion (YC) Mobilization for Girls Education

Actually, Young Champion established for girls’ education, literacy, increase retention, reduce dropout, inclusive education as well as supports EFA goals that was organized by UNGEI since 2007. It is used as a strategy rather than the project where 19-35 years old role model youths were mobilized as a change agent with the concept of volunteerism. In line with this purpose, In Dhanusha district also young champions were mobilized by LIFE for girls’ education, their school enrollment and retention, reducing drop out via creating a favorable teaching learning environment in schools as well as at home and community. For this LIFE selected self-motivated, having willed, role model youth by gathering the like-minded youth in the community. LIFE gave priority to the girls; school level passed local youths, those were responsible towards the issues. Through the program46 (Female-34) Young Champion mobilized for girls’ education, student retention and establishing a child friendly school; 3752 (girls 2208) children enrolled in 46 schools;13 schools’ catchment area declared as 100% enrollment and 8 schools announced as child friendly with increased attendance rate of girls.