Ending Early Marriage

LIFE Nepal is implementing “Ending Early Marriage” Program with the technical and financial assistance of Girls First Fund in 10 Municipalities, Rural Municipalities of Dhanusha district. The overall objective of the project is to enable a child protection friendly environment at local level. From this project LIFE wants to create/establish sufficient structures in the project area. Those are citizen pressure group, religious leaders, judicial committee, mothers/parent group at Palika level and girls club/network at school level. Once they are created and activated, their capacity will be enhanced. They are informed about the policy provisions of the government of Nepal on child marriage and child protection. Further, they are sensitized on causes and consequences of child marriage to the education and health of the adolescent girls and young women. Finally, they become aware, sensitive, empower and mobilize in the community for ensuring girls’ rights, protecting their reproductive health and education rights via planning, implementing and monitoring child protection sensitive program, responding the people at risk after early marriage and establishing social norms that there is no marriage before 20 years of age. These efforts will contribute in enabling child protection friendly environment in the school and community. Gradually, the girls club/network started to lead the issues child marriage, religious leaders accepted the social norms and parent become more responsible and practicing marriage after 20. Simultaneously, due to the effort of citizen pressure groups the local government becomes accountable for ensuring child protection sensitive programming and judicial committee responded the people at risk due to early marriage. Finally, girls protected from hostile result of child marriage in education and health and their life situation is improved.