Awareness Rising

Awareness-raising is a fundamental component of primary prevention strategies aiming at: ­ changing attitudes, behaviors and beliefs that normalize the issues like wise violence (domestic, women, gender), child marriage, dowry, girls education, governance and school as zone of peace among general public via preventing men and women from becoming victims or perpetrators of abusive relationships; and ­ informing wider public and especially victims and perpetrators about the resources available to tackle the problem. Awareness-raising campaigns are recognized as the most efficient and effective means of communicating information especially to the general public. They can meet all the above mentioned objectives, emphasizing the fact that such issues are not a private matter, but an unacceptable for human rights. Awareness raising is a two-way street, fostering communication and information exchange in order to improve mutual understanding as well as mobilizing communities and the whole society to bring about the necessary change in attitudes and behavior. In this regards, LIFE Nepal has been conducting different awareness raising activities likewise street drama, IEC material publication and dissemination, radio program broadcasting and video documentary production and dissemination in Dhanusha district since very beginning of its establishment. Finally, 2000 Educational Newsletter (SHAIKSHIK BULETINE), 1000 Child Magazine (BAL SANSAR) and 1000 Governance (SUSHASAN) published and disseminated for transparency, 2000 Educational Academic Calendar published with jointly of DEO, 5000 pamphlets and posters published in local language in Maithili, Book publication in Maithili language for cultural promotion, 14 radio episodes broadcast, 4 street drama demonstrated for governance and 2 Documentaries published /disseminated